4 signs of a results-driven strategic video marketing agency

Published by Kristian Curcio on Jun 24, 2019 10:31:21 AM

Do you want a video marketing agency that can create entertaining videos? Or do you want to work with an agency that packs a real punch with a results-driven approach?

You’re looking into video because video is more likely to be remembered, generates higher conversion rates, and typically results in more immediate action. With over 50% of consumers preferring videos you can see how videos are dominating social media platforms. To take advantage of this, you need to select and partner with the right results-driven video marketing agency.

Unfortunately, many agencies only have part of the story. Entertaining content alone fails when the content is disconnected from the audience. While most video agencies can probably show you some impressive videos, you need solid results and clear ROI.

Here’s the great news. You can filter it down to those who can actually walk the walk just by knowing what to look for. Test your agency against these 4 sure-fire signs of a results-driven strategic video marketing agency:

1 - They have a holistic approach

A video campaign isn’t just about designing a great video then randomly picking a platform. You need to understand the outcomes by researching consumer behaviours so that you can target the right consumers. Then you tell your carefully targeted audience an on brand story that works as part of the bigger picture.

A results-driven strategy understands that content creation is only one component. In our experience, it’s 90% strategy and 10% the making of the content when you use video as part of your funnel. With the bigger picture in mind, the right agency will create targeted and engaging content, that actually reaches your ideal client.

Ask the potential agency the following questions:

  • what factors do you consider when creating a video marketing strategy?
  • How will you work with us to create the right strategy?
  • How do you make sure that the video content delivers the right message and targets the right audience?

When viewing examples of the agency’s creative work, ask them to share the specific results of each campaign and the ROI for the client. For example, at 500 we customised the strategy and the creative based on the needs of our client Grafico, and they saw a 900% increase of leads within the first week.

2 - They move with the times

Most agencies will have a formula that they rely on, and for good reason. Formulas are developed from an experience that works. However, a results-driven strategy needs to be more than that. Technology and wide social awareness have made our world very fast paced. From rapidly changing algorithms and quickly shifting opinions, there is a constant onslaught of new methods of reaching consumers.

A results-driven strategic video marketing agency works hard to stay on top of the trends. While there is merit to utilising tools that are tried and true, you can’t build a website with a stone hammer. A great agency is one who is willing to change tactics if results aren’t being reached.

For example, at 500 we have weekly internal meetings with our social media strategists to ensure we are up to date with the latest advancements for each platform. The team also meet regularly with our partner platforms directly, and investigate exactly how this new approach fits into the market. Before implementing any new method, we will always evaluate the offering against our client’s long-term goals - after all, just because it’s new doesn't mean it’s going to deliver better results.

Ask the agency how they ensure their approach is up to date. Make sure they monitor the results of ongoing marketing campaigns so that they are actually aware of what does and doesn’t work.  

3 - They have the experience and expertise

While there is certainly something appealing about the fresh-eyed enthusiasm of a newcomer, this is a field that takes work, well, to work. Here are some questions to ask yourself before signing on the dotted line;

  • Do they have solid experience under their belt?
  • Are they equipped with the right range of skills and expertise?
  • Do they have enough resources in the team?

A good video marketing agency will stick to doing great video marketing and working out the best way to get these videos seen by your ideal clients. They won’t dilute their focus by fluffing up their services beyond this. The production house will understand both content creation as well as strategy and media placement. They understand that strategic video marketing is about doing the video and media marketing, and this is where their expertise and focus lies.  

For example, when we were working with our client Motor One to produce their Hydro video, we had to have a strategy in place to capitalise on the video opportunity. The video concept involved splashing coloured paint onto a luxury car, so rather than holding multiple filming days, we realised that it would be more cost effective to arrange for extra crew to attend and film a variety of video content on the same day. This significantly reduced overheads for our client, and provided them with more footage that they would use in future video campaigns.

Make sure your strategic video marketing agency is focused on being experts in video marketing. They are there specifically to support you in growing your business through targeted, results-driven video marketing.

4 - The proof is in the pudding

The original saying is that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It basically means that you can only test how well a pudding has been made by eating it. A marketing video can be tested by how well it brings in leads and people to your door. Not just by seeing how great the video looks, or even how many views it gets. In the same way, a video marketing agency’s skills are verified when you see that their videos bring customers through the door.  

A results driven agency will have a way to measure the impact of the video and be upfront and open with this measure. It won’t be a vague notion that relies on your feeling of whether you’re getting more clients.

You’ll be able to spot a results-driven strategic video marketing agency because they will be focused on helping you achieve business objectives and ROI. They understand the whole picture and know how to place the pieces in the right way. Changing times are part and parcel of their expertise. Their experience showcases that they really know what they are doing. Results are measurable and real. Their focus is on their expertise, not in taking over every aspect of your online presence.

To understand what it really means to focus on results, check out our Sunboost case study. See how 500 helped Sunboost to engage and leverage a high profile brand ambassador and corporate charity sponsorship effectively, to maximise ROI on their new brand strategy.  

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