It’s a digital content jungle out there.

Creators, experts and gurus are popping up on your feed - left, right and centre.

Couple that with the latest tech advancements like AI, and you’ve got some serious creative guerrilla warfare out there.

For me as an agency owner, it’s crucial to constantly monitor how we can infuse the latest tech into our offering to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

But it's not just about churning out content; every man and his dog has an app and an iPhone, thinking they can do it all, but the stakes are higher than ever when it comes to making a real impact.

And if you’re not raising the bar, your content will be lost in a sea of budding influencers and generically ‘authentic’ UGC (wave goodbye to your business growth as it washes away, too).

The Aussie advertising agency industry is growing steadily each year, with anyone from a one-man-band or some guy with his girlfriend’s laptop thinking they can compete in this $1.4 billion dollar industry (yes, billion with a ‘b’), as shown in the latest Ibis reports.

So when we explore innovation and impact, we’re not talking about the latest gimmick, we’re thinking about how we can truly enhance a brand experience to resonate with an audience and drive real results. 

3D Animation has entered the chat.

Imagine a place where you can explore endless creative possibilities without being tethered to the shackles of time or budget.

Well, that's the magical realm 3D Animation opens up for us.

Whether you’re a client or a creative, you know how it is – the constraints of reality often cramp our creative style.

With 3D animation, you're not bound by the laws of physics or the constraints of the real world. 

Want to showcase a giant hippo dancing with a pink hoola hoop in the middle of Swanston St? Go for it! Your imagination is the only limit. 

“Yeah, but Kristian.. How much is this gunna cost me?” I can hear you say…

It's true; diving into 3D animation might seem like a financial leap.

But here's the kicker – think of it as a long-term love affair with your content.

Once you've created a 3D masterpiece (for example; your product range, your team, your logo or your brand mascot) you're not just stuck with a one-hit wonder - you can easily repurpose, reshape, and reuse those high quality assets across your marketing channels till kingdom come. 

You can set different scenes, change the angles, animate as you wish and make changes as you go, which means more bang for your buck and a content lifespan that puts a tortoise to shame.

When you compare that to the costs of large-scale shoots every time your content gets a little worn-out, the long-term saving (that you can put into ad spend instead) is clear.

And what’s more is how impactful creative can improve your ROI. A report by the Content Marketing Institute found that content with compelling visuals gets 94% more views than those without, and 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

So, while you're investing upfront, you're also ensuring that your content gets the attention it deserves, paying dividends in the long run.

But here's the real talk – not every agency is equipped to play the 3D game. It takes more than just a wish and a wand to conjure up 3D animated magic.

There's the upfront investment in hardware, software, and a team with the skills to bring your ideas to life in 3D form, which is why the majority of marketing agencies are not in a position to offer it as a service.

As well as this, if you don’t have an end-to-end agency, they’d struggle to give your 3D content the longevity it deserves, by leveraging it across multiple marketing channels like TV, BVOD, Out of Home, EDMs, Landing Pages and Social Media ads. 

“What exactly is an end-to-end-agency, anyway?” I hear you ask…

Well, we’ve spent the last ten years talking with business owners out there about their marketing pain points, and this is the one thing we learnt… Business owners get frustrated with agencies who say they can do it all… until you need them to actually do it all. 

The headaches of too many people to deal with, the lack of cohesion between a bunch of different agencies - it doesn’t do your ROI any favours.

That's why CLMG was created as an end-to-end agency, from strategy to filming, from digital campaign management to TV and Out-Of-Home - we’ve got you covered.

So to sum it all up… In a world where attention is a currency, innovation like 3D animation isn't just a tool; it's your secret weapon.

If you want to learn how to use it effectively across multiple marketing channels, consider this your invitation to chat to us today!

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