4 ways to deliver quick wins on your social media video marketing strategy

When your social media video strategy generates some quick wins, you get to show off your skills and nurture a campaign that will genuinely boost the business.

Many businesses, especially those used to running things old school, can be hesitant to invest their money into a social media presence. However, with consumers rapidly embracing social platforms, skipping social media marketing is a big mistake.

If you can’t quickly show your boss that social media marketing videos can generate results, then your marketing video strategy campaign is as good as dead in the water.

Here are some solid tips to deliver quick wins on your social media video marketing strategy.

1 - Get the setup right from the start

The old adage is “garbage in, garbage out”. If your concept is flawed, confusing, irrelevant, inappropriate or breaks the platform’s rules, then you’ve got nothing to work with. Focus on the setup and play by the rules. It’s the only way to win the game.

Adhere to the advertiser’s guidelines

Instagram and Facebook have helpful guides. When you are posting to their platforms it really pays to follow these guidelines. They will give your video an advantage on the platform. These guides are out there for everyone to use, but a lot of businesses seem to ignore them and do things their way.

Include captions on your videos

Remember that many people watch videos with the sound off. Captions ensure that your video would still deliver your message and engage people even without the audio. The secret is that it’s not about simply running the auto-caption feature in video editing software. It’s about captions that capture the key summarised points of your video content and encourage viewers to act with a clear call to action.

Use tracking codes to monitor and assess your results

The key to this one is understanding the user’s journey and implementing a way to monitor and assess it. Before you start, it’s important to make sure that all your bases are covered.

This means that you need to:

  • Understand where viewers are likely to go once engaged.
  • Have the right message across channels:
  • Does the landing page reinforce your central message and encourage them to read more and take action?
  • How do your social pages support the message and continue engage with viewers?
  • Where are you sending them?
  • Is the message consistent across the board?

Then you can use tracking methods such as UTM codes to measure your success. UTM codes are snippets of text that are added to the end of a website URL and allow you to track where your traffic comes from based on the link that is clicked. This data can be fed directly into your Google Analytics account and allows you to understand exactly which source, medium, campaign or piece of content has generated the best results.

Keep the journey consistent

Remember that it’s not just about the viewer watching an ad and taking action on the social media platform. The secret to this one is to avoid mixing things up too much. The entire journey needs to be consistent in order to achieve the best results. It’s about developing relationships and showing your ability to provide the consumer with a solution they need.

Collate industry standard projections

When it comes to reporting at the end of the campaign the secret is simple: be prepared. That starts with collating industry standard projections for the campaign prior to starting.

2 - Consider a nurture campaign post-ad interaction

Following up with your leads is the most powerful way to turn those leads into sales. A nurture campaign enables the right interaction for that conversation to take place.

Keep the video based on a single minded proposition

Regardless of what will be going into your nurture campaign, you need to keep your social media marketing video on point. That single-minded proposition provides a clear message that is relevant and engaging for your prospects. Keeping it focused ensures people won’t get confused, overwhelmed, or otherwise muddled in the message.

Create a funnel to nurture for the video ads

A funnel is basically just the marketing term for the journey your consumer takes from viewing the initial social video or advertisement through to becoming a client. Your nurture campaign forms vital steps in this funnel. Have a clear pathway for your potential client to follow as you bring them from viewing the video ad through to making that enquiry.

3 - Understand your target’s key motivator and the platform best consumed

Do your research so that you know your audience. When you understand what motivates them and what platforms reach them, you are equipped to create a social media marketing video strategy that really works.

  • Be specific to your ideal target’s wants, needs and preferences.
  • Learn your target’s daily phone activity and how that drives their social media platform of choice. This would help guide your marketing video strategy, on whether you should focus more on mobile technology rather than desktop viewing.
  • Develop a hook that will gain their attention. There’s nothing worse than having a great message without a hook that entices them to get to that message.
  • Analyse customer data and gain valuable insights. It is easier to accurately target your audience when customer insights and split test results are used.

4 - Monitor and Track Your Performance

This is an extremely important part of your strategy. If you fail to monitor and track your performance then you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll also have nothing to show your boss that proves it works!

  • Set a goal and test for 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Wait and watch. Make sure you’re checking in every day.
  • Once you start gaining insights, make tweaks to improve your campaign. This could mean improving the copy, changing the swipe up text, ditching a hook that isn’t working, or otherwise trying out new ideas. To ensure your marketing video strategy will work, you need to keep your finger on what your audience resonates with.
  • Make sure your victories are heard. This means shouting about your wins in meetings with your boss! Did traffic increase during the month of your campaign? Then show it! When you put your victories front and centre you can get more budget for next time.
  • Highlight the small things and illustrate how they work towards key outcomes.

Put in the effort to generate quick wins

You need to generate quick wins in your social media marketing video strategy. If you don’t, the funds for your campaign will dwindle before you get the chance to really prove it works. It takes a lot of effort to get these quick wins. Start off by ensuring the setup is correct. Follow the rules for the platform you use, track your calls to action, and have the full journey mapped out. Also, consider a nurture campaign to follow up on the advertising interaction. Understand your target audience so that you can reach them and appeal to them. Finally, don’t just let the campaign run. Monitor and assess it, then make your tweaks, and boast about the success!

Want to see how these tips can generate quick wins? Check out the Grafico case study and learn how they generated 900% increase of leads within the first week with the right social media video marketing strategy!

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