5 Reasons Boosting Posts is an EPIC FAIL

Are you excited about coughing up your marketing dollars just to set your business up for an EPIC FAIL? No? Then stop wasting your efforts boosting posts!

Any meagre returns you might be getting through boosting posts are just giving you false hope.

In reality those returns are peanuts compared to the opportunity you’re missing. And this is not the climate to be wasting your energy on slim pickings.

We get it.

With over 3.80 billion social media users worldwide you know you need to do something to reach your audience. And the simplicity of boosting posts makes it a really easy trap to fall into.

Unfortunately, that simplicity comes at a great price. No, I’m talking about the cost of actually boosting the posts. I’m talking about the price of missing out on skyrocketing your sales.

Boosting posts is easy. It can even give you some results. After all, Australian users click on 21 Facebook adverts every single month. You might find that boosts generate some engagement and bring in a few new customers.

So you cheer with a couple of new followers or that single message to your inbox. The problem, however, is that likes and followers can be nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This problem has increased as Facebook’s algorithms moved to decrease the reach of organic posts. With organic reach of a Facebook post only being about 6.4% of a page’s likes, you have to pay to get more eyes on your content.

The fact is, if all you’re doing is boosting posts, then you are stifling your business potential.

The appeal of boosting posts is in its simplicity. However, simplicity comes at a steep price.

Boosting simply lacks the capacity to achieve the phenomenal successes that can be obtained through a precise, coordinated paid campaign.

Boosted posts are designed for business owners who find Facebook Ads Manager overwhelming, confusing or complicated.

Unfortunately, opting for simplicity over function means you miss out on the powerful features available through Ads Manager. These features allow precision targeting for who your audience should be, where you want your ads shown, and what the goal of your campaign is.

By using these features, and utilising them well, Facebook can actually help you get more of your desired result.

If you’ve fallen into the trap of simply boosting posts, you’re not alone. Many business managers, and even marketers, struggle to understand the difference between a paid ads campaign and boosting posts.

All they know is that with social media use increasing by over 9% a year, you don’t want to completely miss the ride.

When you grasp the difference between boosting and using Ads Manager, you’ll stop wasting your money. It’s the first step to paving a clear path to switch from surviving to thriving.

While there are many reasons that Ads Manager creates a better outcome than boosting does, we have identified the 5 key reasons for you. Read below for further explanation of each of these differences.

Boosting Posts

Ads Manager

Different Objectives

Awareness & Engagement

Optimise for all types of objectives & promotions

Budgeting Options

One option

Multiple options, conditions and automations

Audience Options

One audience

Multiple audiences simultaneously

Ad Placement

News Feed

Multiple locations

Targeting Potential


Precise and effective

1- Boosting posts and Ads Management have different objectives

The objective of boosting posts is to create awareness and engagement. This is only one small step in a successful marketing campaign. In fact, these objectives are the only 2 options available for post boosting, compared to 11 different ways of optimising ads through Ads Manager.

11 different ways to optimise with Ads Manager:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages
  • Conversion
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Store Traffic

This means that there are multiple ways to pinpoint your objective or conversion, allowing you to lower your cost per lead, scale your sales figures, get the right eyes on your brand and more

Ads Manager has the power to optimise your promotions for sales, leads, downloads, video views, storefront traffic, and much more. By choosing an ad objective early on, you focus your campaign.

This ensures you are working with a campaign type that best aligns with your current business goals, thereby ensuring your ads are working the way you want them to.

Although boosted posts allows you to focus on website clicks, page engagement, and local business promotions, Ads Manager opens the doors to so much more.

The full ads system lets you choose objectives such as store traffic, conversions, and lead generation. Goals that measure real returns. You can also create and manage ads through the Ads Manager mobile app.

Your business needs sales.

This means generating more than a bit of awareness and much more than creating engagement on your posts.

A handful of engagements, likes, and views don’t mean anything if they’re not with the right audience, not sending the right message, or not formatted for the right goal.

2-  Budgeting options are enhanced with Ads Management

With post boosting you have one budget option. There is no facility for optimisation, and no capacity for multiple selections geared around different objectives.

On the other hand, Ads Manager provides you with multiple budget options. These options cover daily and lifetime limits as well as budget minimums and maximum spends. They also include auto optimisation campaigns.

This means that Ads Manager empowers you to build a campaign that can readily be adjusted to ensure ongoing impact maximisation and more efficient ROI.

3- Boosting posts limits you to one audience at a time

While you can choose targets for boosting a post, you are limited to selecting one audience at a time. While you could boost multiple posts simultaneously, this isn’t really ideal.

The power of Ads Manager is in the ability to target multiple audiences simultaneously. This means you can properly test how a specific ad works with different audiences or target different audiences with different messages.

Understanding your audience and knowing the ways to reach different audiences is meaningless if you can’t effectively target each one.

4- Post boosts places your posts on the News Feeds, whereas you can choose different ad placements with Ads Manager.

When you boost a post it shows up in one place: the news feed. While this can be great for organic marketing, again, it’s only a small piece of the overall strategy for a solid marketing campaign.

It’s pot luck whether your intended viewers will even see the post.

With Ads Manager your ad can be placed in news feeds, stories, articles, video feeds and more! Ensure your audience gets the message by placing it the location, or locations, that will actually reach them.

The other advantage of multiple locations is a higher chance of ensuring multiple exposure to your ad.

Customers are far more likely to respond to a message that they see repeated. As they view the ad in multiple locations, and the message is reinforced, their curiosity is piqued, and they develop an essential familiarity with the brand.

5- More options means more precise targeting and better results

Just in case you’ve missed the key message from the previous points, the key difference is that Ads Manager has more options.

Boosting posts lets you decide on basics such as interests, age and gender for your ad targeting. This helps you reach people who most likely care about your business.

Facebook ads is leaps and bounds ahead of this, allowing you to use more advanced tools to create overlapping audience types, Lookalike Audiences and much more.

The higher level of functionality makes it a far more powerful tool to use in order to achieve the purpose you want your marketing to achieve.

Results can be achieved by casting a wide net. You may even have some success with boosting a great post. But if you can’t be precise, adaptive, and carefully measured with your advertising campaign, then you are limiting yourself and stifling your business.

Ads Manager provides the tools you need to be a thriving success.

Are Boosting Posts a Waste of Money?

Sure, there is a time and place for boosting posts. While a quick engagement increase or promoting a very specific message can be achieved through boosts, this is about the limit.

At the end of the day, if boosting posts is all you are doing, then you’re wasting your money for little return.

The full throttle power of Facebook Ads Manager means you can customise and optimise your advertising campaign in every way possible.

Don’t believe us? Let us share more with you around the 500 social formula and our approach to ensure we deliver you results.

We are so confident in our approach we’ll even give you a lead increase guarantee, because we’re all about delivering real, tangible results for your business.

When you know how to reach the right person, at the right time, and with the right message, you will rock your customer’s world.

By using content that is optimised for the platform, and creatives that grab attention, and gives a clear, compelling message, you’ll see tangible results, and you’ll see them quickly.

Clear targeting, with the right message, also means you get a strong, measurable ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Stop putting all your eggs into a very limited basket and make a real impact.

Getting everything together for the right ad campaign takes a lot of finely honed knowledge, skills, and experience. Most business owners don’t have the time to become marketing experts. That’s why the smart option is to utilise the expertise that is available.

To ensure you’re confident that you’re working with the right marketing team you can claim your risk free, no cost, no obligation social media strategy today with one of our Growth Specialists.

We don’t just say we’re good and ask you to trust us by forking out your money without knowing what’s going on. We focus on generating real results, improving your marketing ROI, and developing a relationship with your business that ensures we understand you well enough to uncover your unique secrets to marketing success.

In our free strategy session you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the daily insights Facebook are giving us for businesses to adapt their marketing strategies online
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  • Funnel and nurture cold traffic into people hungry to buy
  • Boost your conversions without spending anything extra on traffic

And after the session you’ll get a free social media funnel that will show you exactly what you need to do to convert cold traffic into highly engaged traffic and sales

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