5 reasons why our video strategies are 500x better

Published by Kristian Curcio on Jul 15, 2019 3:03:12 PM

Video works. You know it. Your competition knows it.

More than ever your digital media video needs to be perfect. Video use has increased so much that IAB reports now show video ads dominating a massive 46% of display ads, with video ad expenditure increasing by 15% in Q1 of this year over Q4 2018. This phenomenal growth is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.


The problem is, what will, and how do you develop a video strategy that achieves your business goals? The answer? By engaging right digital media video marketing agency. One that’s focused on improving your bottom line and reducing your risk. Partnering with a results-focused digital agency like 500 Digital is the best thing to do.


Because producing video ads and content that get results is a complex task. With a team of experts at your fingertips you can focus on what you do best, knowing your entire video strategy is being optimised to improve your target audience engagement, results and bottom line.

Engaging a focused team of video marketing experts will keep you ahead of the latest trends, platform changes and engagement best practice to continually optimise your campaigns. Having a proactive strategy with a responsive and reactive team that can make in-campaign changes to improve results is faster than a freelance option. And 500 Digital’s production experts will also save your in-house team becoming mired in costly mistakes and ensure the project is steered towards improving campaign results.

So let’s cut to the chase: You need a digital media video agency who combines superior content creation with finely tuned strategy. This blend is the only way to generate perfect digital media videos that deliver results.

Here are 5 proven reasons why Melbourne based video agency, 500 Digital is really the best, and dare we say only solution for creating perfect digital media video marketing videos and campaigns:

1- 500 are experts with proven experience in digital media video strategy

500 has years of experience under its belt. That’s years of experience not only creating results-focused video ad content, but importantly years of experience building an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and its relationship with media platforms across multiple industries. This means you’re hiring an agency with a proven track record for generating REAL results and with insights into tactics that have worked for many different types of businesses.

2- 500 Digital focuses on a broader picture than just creating content of digital media videos

A focus on only content creation and organic posts stymies the ability of your business to fully benefit from your digital media video campaigns. While boasting exceptional content creation abilities, 500 knows there’s more to the story. It’s about understanding your business and your goals of generating leads and foot traffic.

3- Your business benefits from personalised and holistic support through the whole campaign

Working with 500 means you receive holistic campaign support, from content strategy and creation all the way to monitoring your ads daily. This ensures you can reach the audience you need, in the way you need to reach them. To keep things running smoothly your personal account manager will guide you through the campaign. You can even choose to focus on your own priorities, remaining completely hands-off as you receive step-by-step updates that keep you apprised of your campaign’s progress.

4- Your business won’t waste its media spend investment

You’ve invested considerably in your media spend, whether above the line in broadcast, or in other media channels like social, digital and pre-rolls - why risk it? Video ads and content that are not tailored by experts can, and often do, underperform, limiting results and growth potential. Campaign media spend is often considerably higher than the actual ad production cost - so get the creative right and ensure results!

5- Your campaign is backed by a guarantee

The experience and expertise brought to you by 500 means you can be sure of generating unique foot traffic and leads. In fact, 500 backs their campaigns with an increased foot traffic generation guarantee. You can’t go wrong!

Ready to engage the experts and get the results your business needs?

Cut through the digital media video haze with a proven strategy that boosts the effectiveness of your video campaigns. Finding the right professional agency to create the perfect digital media video is easy when you know there is only one real solution. 500 Digital is the only expert agency with such strong, strategy focused, proven results. By focusing on the right blend of content and strategy, 500 provides you with holistic support that is backed by a lead generation guarantee.

Take advantage of this opportunity immediately! Secure your results focused digital media video campaign and increase your business income. Contact 500 now.

500 Digital Media is a Melbourne-based production studio with a national focus. Fluent in every stage of production – from concept and creation to social media strategy – we provide a full-scale and integrated end-to-end service delivered by our team of in-house experts.

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