As much as I love the creative side of advertising, I like to let the data do the talking, because let’s face it, the numbers don’t lie… and the numbers have told us there’s been a monumental shift. With specialist expertise in Out Of Home, I have witnessed first-hand, businesses taking their marketing dollars away from traditional channels and over to the Metaverse and beyond.

70% of advertising spend in Australia now goes to digital

The COVID-19 pandemic played a major part in accelerating this shift in Australia and all over the globe. With lockdowns (especially in Melbourne) and more people working from home, users spent more time online than ever, making digital channels more important for businesses to connect with their audience across social media, search engines and streaming services.

Now that makes for a pretty crowded space with a exceptionally low barrier to entry, meaning it can be a real challenge to cut through the clutter and get your business seen (and more importantly, action taken).

How do you stand out from the crowd in such a flooded market?

With so many ads vying for attention in the digital space and plenty of ‘doom-scrolling’ (research shows on average, a user scrolls for 108 minutes per day), it’s imperative to think outside the box with a captivating hook to stop that scroll. 

In a world dominated by digital, there is immense value in traditional media channels like TV, Radio, and Out of Home. These channels have stood the test of time for a reason, and if you want to truly stand out from the crowd, a multichannel approach can give you the competitive edge you need. 

For example, combining the wide mass reach of television, the emotional connection and effectiveness of radio, and the visual impact of out-of-home with your digital campaign can unlock a whole new level of brand presence and in turn, business growth.

All that said - no matter how many channels you leverage, your creative needs to inspire action. Whether it's a clever play on words, an eye-catching visual or a hilarious meme; your ads need to stand out from the pack to drive engagement with your target audience. Who are you trying to reach, and what’s in it for them? By taking the time to really understand your target audience, you can design creative with impact that speaks directly to their needs.

So, is a pure digital marketing strategy the answer to unlock ROI?

Whilst there are plenty of reasons to love digital marketing (like the speed to market, the targeting and analytical components, or the low cost barrier to entry) - traditional channels still have an integral role to play.

A major study from Analytic Partners has shown that using multiple media channels across both traditional (think TV, Radio, and Out of Home) and digital (think Social Media, Search, Email and SMS) in a campaign prevents individual tactics from experiencing diminishing returns.

Think about it this way, a good campaign follows you everywhere you go.

It catches your eye while you’re watching your favourite TV show.

You spot it again as you drive to work on a roadside billboard.

Then you jump onto your device and BOOM! There it is again… 

You’re hooked and you can’t resist the click to check it out.

A variety of media channels generates synergy, enhancing the campaign's overall impact. In fact, the more different media channels used, the greater your ROI.

For instance, when combining TV, Digital, and Out of Home, a campaign's ROI increases by an impressive 27% (and that’s on top of the ROI already delivered by each individual platform!)

So in basic terms, you don’t have to spend more to get more - you need to spread your marketing dollars across the right channel mix to hit that sweet spot.

That’s where we come in - and with an expert team of creative strategists, ad producers, graphic designers, social media specialists, media buyers and more, we can ensure your business is everywhere your customer is, with the right message, to the right customer at the right time with a fully-fledged multichannel strategy.

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