BTC Markets just brought themselves to the tennis, without actually going to the tennis. 

But how did they do it? Eye-jacking.

  • Strategically placed out of home advertising
  • Interlinked with a social media campaign
  • Used to target those attending key sporting events

    ...including the Australian Open.

BTC wanted a presence. After presenting a number of concepts, we delivered a clean cut-through creative, taking advantage of the sporting festival season.

While the eyes of the world are on Melbourne, media will inadvertently be spotlighting BTC. Call it eye-jacking for 2022. Brand awareness at a single glance.

To date, **over 25 million people** aged 25-54 have seen the OOH advertising. 

Since starting with our digital media agency, 500 powered by Handle Media, BTC has grown to $4 Billion.


For the campaign, BTC focused on premium inventory around Melbourne and Sydney, allowing the Halo Effect to take hold: Transferring the positive influence of well known events and spaces onto Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Game. Set. Crypto. BTC Markets.

As we say around here, there’s no use buying media if you don’t have high-conversion adverts to display on it.

And we've got the data to back it. Analytic Partners research shows that campaigns under $1m get the best ROI through the use of OOH + Digital.


Hit us up with your deets, and we’ll give you 30 mins of free marketing gold.

Let’s do this!

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