Testimonial; Becoming Australia's Largest Retailer

At 500, we love a good success story and this is one of our favourites!

The Who.

Sunboost is Australia's number 1 provider of residential and commercial solar electricity.

As a new brand in the market looking to build and grow, Sunboost engaged 500. The go-to-market strategy included TVC’s and Social media video production. Sunboost experienced rapid growth within just 6 months! The brand was ranked 12th nationally, to 3rd, 2nd and now to Australia’s largest solar retailer. This is what objective focused creative can achieve!

Let’s take a look at the key components...

The creative.

Our team exercises best practices for creative in relation to where the ad is being delivered focusing on understanding the key motivators in their consumers. Moreover, we immersed ourselves in the Sunboost brand to ensure all content was cohesive and distinctly Sunboost. We helped Sunboost engage and leverage a high profile brand ambassador and corporate charity sponsorship, further developing the brand name and reach focusing on a strong direct response campaign.

The strategy.

Utilising our team’s experience and research, 500 designs call to action promotions that demand a direct response from viewers statistically noticing the difference between higher results when running monthly offers verses extending over a 4 week period.

We made it easy for Sunboost by being proactive and remaining highly responsive in a reactive market. Additionally, we capitalise on opportunities in the market, allowing us to deliver continuous results.


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