Case Study: Grafico

The Grafico group is a proven example of how 500 can help you to successfully achieve winning results, whilst minimising marketing spend. For Grafico, their goal was to generate more leads at less cost.

In just 1 week Grafico saw a massive increase in leads by 900%. What’s even more incredible is that this was achieved while also decreasing their marketing spend by a whopping 85%. This was a pivotal shift for Grafico, which exploded their business into growth and the brand have been working with 500 to grow their business through video marketing ever since.

The formula for quickly increasing your leads.

Everyone wants a simple formula to unlock results for their business. 500 align their strategy to a proven, winning ad formula to achieve guaranteed results, every time. However, one of the keys to our success is understanding that each and every campaign must be tailored to the business and key objectives. This is why it isn’t as easy as simply telling you to “say this” and “post it here”.

For Grafico this meant making key changes to their marketing campaign.  

Fundamentally the two keys to success include developing the right structure of the creative and implementing the right strategy for the campaign.

Generate more leads by getting the structure of the creative right.

In order to generate high quality leads, we had to understand which social media platforms would reach the right audience for Grafico. It was important to ensure the creative was structured appropriately, in line with best practice for the platform, using the latest insights from Facebook & Instagram.

Creative best practices include considerations around:

  • Formatting
  • Content
  • Style of shots
  • Subtitles
  • Framing
  • Duration

The right creative structure differs depending on the social media platform on which the ad will be served on. It is a mistake to think that a TV campaign will readily translate to an ad for a social media campaign. In fact, social media platforms also differ between them, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. This is why you need a specialist who really understands how to get the structure right for the social media platforms where your target audience is already spending their time.

500 is focused on understanding the current best practice of these platforms so that we can tailor ads accordingly, utilising entertaining, educational or useful content that will promote strong levels of viewer engagement and most importantly, drive results.

By utilising these proven insights, we were able to immediately improve the structure of the creatives used for Grafico.

Redefining the video marketing strategy

With the goal of increasing leads, the most important foundation for getting the strategy right is to properly identify the target audience and understand which consumers are most likely to click through and enquire with the brand.

By identifying the target audience we were able to eliminate wasted costs going into ad campaigns that were geared to consumers that were not going to convert. This is an important factor in being able to reduce the overall costs of marketing.

Identification of the right target audience, and understanding how to reach them, had such a dramatic impact for the Grafico that it only took 1 week for real results to be achieved. The quantity of leads increased by 900% and more importantly, the quality of those leads was significantly improved as well.

Other important components of the strategy include understanding which imagery will work best for the campaign that will resonate with the target consumer, as well as defining the unique selling proposition of the business. These form part of understanding who the right target audience is and how to get their attention.

The role of social media in increasing leads

Social media is an interactive, fast paced platform. Unlike television, consumers can quickly and easily enquire about a business with the simple click of a button.

Since it is fast paced, it is important to understand that a viewer’s attention must be captured in the first second of the ad. Otherwise they will simply keep scrolling.

Facebook is currently the largest social media platform around. As a platform geared around positive user experience, Facebook will give preferential treatment to advertisements that provide content that is positively engaged with. 500's results-focused approach in creating ad campaigns means that we were able to deliver outstanding results. By understanding how Facebook works we can also drive advertising costs down and consequently increase marketing ROI significantly.

The results speak for themselves.

Just one week into the marketing campaign, Grafico saw an increase in leads of a massive 900%.

This was done, not by throwing overwhelming amounts of money into their ad campaign budget, but rather with an 85% decrease in the ad spend.

This is exactly why a tailored strategy is the right approach to boost your leads while reducing your costs. Saturating the market can work, but it comes at a high cost, since you end up paying for your ads to reach high numbers of uninterested viewers, who are unlikely to click through and enquire. Determining specific and measurable campaign goals gives you a precision focused roadmap to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Getting that mix right generates exceptional results with an incredible ROI.

How to Quickly Generate Quality Leads with Less Spend

The key to quickly generating more leads, with less cost, is to implement a strategically targeted marketing campaign utilising the right content. This means understanding your audience and what works for them and the social media platforms they use.

When you take the time to understand who the right audience is, and how to reach them, you can ensure that your marketing spend is appropriately focused on what will actually work.

Get The Right Campaign Strategy Today For Free

At 500 we know how to use social media platforms to help your business thrive. These platforms want their users to have a positive experience. This means that ads with positive responses get preference. We take advantage of this knowledge to grow your business at just a fraction of the cost. Delivering the right content to the right audience is the social media key to driving down your costs and increase your ROI.

Contact 500 today to work on a tailored social media campaign strategy. Stop dreaming and start achieving real results now.

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  • Boost your conversions without increasing your marketing spend

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