Case Study: Leading Homewares Retailer

500 was able to support a leader in the premium homewares space with a goal to increase traffic and boost their website sales with the 500 social formula.

In their words:

“After an average experience with another creative supplier, we decided to work with 500 as a production partner due to the team’s multi-platform capability and extensive history with direct-response ads.”

The 500 Focus

500 focuses on strategy and results. That’s it.

The reason that 500 has proven results in increasing traffic and conversions that generate real sales, and boost your business, is because we know that entertainment is just one of the many tools that are used in the overall strategy. Entertainment is not the end game.

Removing The Guesswork

The client found that a key benefit of working with 500 is the removal of guesswork. Through years of experience and an understanding of the right strategy to utilise, 500 was able to boost website traffic with the right branding appeal and a strong call to action. This meant ensuring that creative ads did far more than just capture attention. The strategies employed by 500 results in an explosion of website traffic. Real results! This led to a record number of e-commerce sales, with an exceptional ROI.

When guesswork is removed, precision targeting is possible. This targeting means that the right message can be brought to the right people, in the right way. It’s that removal of waste that generates the solid ROI with your marketing spend.

In their words:

“The 500 team removed a lot of the guesswork for us, effectively balancing our brand with strong call-to action points while providing considerable experience and advice in producing ads that achieve results.”

Exceeding Goals

And talk about results! Despite the client's initial uncertainty with trying a new marketer, the strategy employed by 500 was so effective that the client's goals were blown away in the very first campaign.

In fact, their website traffic and sales improved so much that they saw an unprecedented 3.8x return during late 2019, with sales continuing to explode right through 2020.

Continued Expansion

Despite marketing through the challenging conditions of a devastating bushfire season, then COVID-19, the client found that their marketing strategy with 500 was so successful that they could continue to expand their business at phenomenal rates. This meant that they could grow their reach into multiple metro markets.

Their ability to continue to grow was fuelled by the confidence delivered in the first campaign, and rewarded through the continual achievement of strong results, even in a recessionary climate. 500’s winning strategy saw the client's sales sky rocket!

In their words:

"With confidence from our initial campaign, we've expanded our reach into multiple metro markets, achieving strong results in a recessionary climate. Consistently, the team have maintained a 3 x return on spend to basket size."

Conclusion: Strategy That Works

Anyone can create content. They can even make it entertaining. However, it’s the strategy around the structure and creative that is essential to driving results and exploding your sales. When you’re ready to invest with a marketer that understands the importance of achieving a solid marketing ROI, then you’re ready to work with 500.

In their words:

“Partnering with 500 was the best move we’ve made for our video marketing, with unprecedented sales increases in the toughest possible market conditions.”

What are you waiting for? It’s time to stop throwing away your money for content and start investing in marketing.

Give 500 a call now. We’re ready to turn your video ads from something pretty, into a content that’s part of a results driven strategy that delivers real results.


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