Case Study: Sunboost

Sunboost is a winning example of how 500 can help you to drive incredible growth to scale your business, whilst lowering marketing spend to become a leader in your industry.

For a new business like Sunboost, brand image was vitally important. Your brand image is the impression that consumers have of your business. It will drive people to make decisions about whether they trust you, and ultimately, whether to buy from you. A strong brand image will shape both the quantity, and the quality, of customers that you attract.

Creating a strong brand image is a powerful tool for success. How do we know it works? This is exactly how 500 used the right video ad strategy to propel Sunboost into phenomenal growth as  #1 solar business in Australia.

Unlocking growth for a new brand

Solar retailer Sunboost came to 500 as a new brand in the market. Their goal was to grow and scale their business in order to improve their national rankings and increase their market share.

With a strategy that revolved around approaching the market through television and Facebook, it is safe to say that Sunboost achieved that aim, and achieved it rapidly.

In the space of just six months, Sunboost jumped the ladder at a rapid pace, climbing from a national ranking of #12 solar provider in the country to an incredible ranking of #2 supplier in Australia. After just 12 months, the brand rocketed to #1 as Australia’s largest solar retailer and have continued to retain this position since.

How did Sunboost manage to grow their new brand to reach the top? By applying a results-driven, winning video marketing strategy.

The Importance of the Creative in Building a New Brand

The creative component of a marketing strategy is important, because this is what the consumers see and hear. While producing creative content that is engaging is a very important part of a successful marketing campaign, it’s not just about producing clever, emotional, or even viral media. Viral videos can get a lot of views, but if they are missing goal focused components, then they risk becoming nothing but shareable video that doesn't drive real results.

That’s why 500 supported Sunboost to produce a new creative, which highlighted enticing promotional offers that resonated with their target audience. To ensure the campaign achieved results it was also imperative to ensure that we included a clear and focused call to action included in direct response ads.

The Importance of Strategy in Building a New Brand

To implement a winning strategy and build Sunboost’s brand, 500 had to work with the business to uncover their true unique selling proposition.

A unique selling proposition is what sets the brand apart from their competitors in the market. This is important as it provides the basis for all messaging and creative, to ensure that customers can see what makes the brand different from the rest.

Using the unique selling proposition, 500 was able to implement their proven social formula geared around generating measurable results, using the latest insights.

With the support of 500, Sunboost were also able to leverage a high profile ambassador and obtain a corporate charity sponsorship. This enabled a more powerful brand message to deliver a strong ad campaign designed to grow quality leads.

Whilst some of the strategic recommendations from 500 were quite substantial, sometimes all it takes are some simple tweaks to maximise results. For instance, research shows that there is a statistical increase in results when monthly offers are advertised when compared to a 4-week period.  

A results orientated strategy ensures that every component in the marketing campaign, from the creative, the targeting, the marketing platforms used, and the image being presented, is geared around generating real, tangible results.

The key to driving growth in your business

A new brand finds its voice by developing the right unique selling point. Then we develop the appropriate strategy around this. This involves developing an engaging creative that is focused on building the brand, including offers based on proven formulas, and providing a strong call to action utilising evidence based targeting. The right strategy also involves adapting to the environment and embracing opportunities as they present themselves.

Can a brand continue to grow during COVID-19?

Sunboost is proof that the strains of COVID-19 are just presenting a different opportunity for improving your brand or sales, and one that can actually be a more cost effective solution for your business.

500 continues to work with Sunboost on their creative and strategy and see incredible improvements in their sales, even throughout COVID-19. In fact, in May 2020 during the lockdown period in Australia, sales increased by a whopping 64.6%.

You might think that to achieve such an increase in sales a comparable cost increase was required. In fact, the impact of COVID-19 actually meant that media costs significantly reduced for the brand, and they were able to reduce their media spend by a staggering 50% throughout May 2020.

Sunboost was able to remain proactive and responsive in a reactive market. The challenges faced during COVID did not have a negative impact on results for the brand, in fact quite the opposite. Our partnership with Sunboost, and regular review of campaign performance meant we were ready to capitalise on new opportunities and pivot the strategy as needed with the ever-changing landscape.

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