Case Study: Wittner

Published by Kristian Curcio on Sep 24, 2020 9:20:51 AM

If you want the secret to exploding the amount of foot traffic hitting your bricks and mortar stores AND spending less on marketing to achieve this goal, then you need to read this.

Wittner is a renowned women’s shoe brand in Australia. Their store was facing the dilemma encountered by many retailers: a persistently dwindling amount of foot traffic.

They approached 500 in search of a game-changing social media strategy. Despite the geographic limitations and a growing threat from online stores 500 was able to support Wittner to boost their foot traffic by an average of 56 foot traffic conversions every day. The best part? 500 were able to help Wittner achieve this on a limited media spend budget of only $500. Yep, you read that right, just $500.

500 was able to provide a strategy that provided results well-above industry standard; at just 30 cents per person who came into the store after seeing the ad. Read more to understand exactly how you too can increase your in-store foot traffic, even on a budget!

How To Improve Store Awareness and Increase Foot Traffic

Wittner was already a reputable brand, but people just weren’t coming to their store anymore. They had very clear objectives for their marketing campaign:

  • To increase awareness of their physical store
  • To increase foot traffic coming into that store

To ensure that the campaign had the results desired, it was important to also find a way of measuring the results in relation to the objective. This meant utilising a campaign that was optimised for a geographically targeted reach. After all, there’s no point reaching people who couldn’t even get into the store.

Increasing foot traffic with a geographically targeted audience

When it comes to a physical store presence, a broad, or wide reach just wastes money, as it hits people who can’t get to the store. Wittner needed to communicate with young and middle aged females within a region that was close enough to readily travel into their store. One of the most cost effective ways of achieving a geographically focused reach is through strategically targeting tools on social media.

The Use of Social Media to Increase Foot Traffic

While many businesses think they can simply take their television campaign and post it on social media, this is a mistake. Social media is an entirely different form of communication. It presents different challenges, and far more useful opportunities to take advantage of.

Facebook best practice means ensuring advertisements are entertaining, educational or useful enough to capture the viewer’s attention and gain engagement with them. The opportunity to specifically target your desired viewers is also significantly improved on social media.

Getting the creative right is an important component in increasing foot traffic.

An entertaining or useful ad is important. But getting the creative right is about far more.

In order to drive results through the creative we ensured that viewer attention would be captured within the very first second of the ad. This is particularly important in the fast paced world of social media, where people are literally just scrolling down a newsfeed to find content that captures their attention.

The video ads were also tailored specifically to the best practice on each social media platform used. Adhering to best practice for the platform is an absolute must if you want to achieve optimal results on a platform.

Getting the strategy right

For Wittner, we focused on discovering the true unique selling proposition or USP. By understanding the USP and the target audience this relates to, we were able to generate a results focused strategy. In particular our research identified that consumers felt that wearing the right show had a big impact on your personal levels of confidence and self-assurance.

Utilising a results focused strategy we then implemented the 500 social formula and set up a remarketing zone around each store.

500 conveyed the concept that Wittner shoes will increase your confidence, through engaging creative and focusing on brand recall.

To ensure that the campaign was successful, 500 had to ensure we were able to implement measures geared around the goal. This meant monitoring the campaign to continually tweak and optimise as needed, to ensure we were on track to hit the campaign objective; increasing the number of foot traffic conversions in store.

Delivering Record-breaking Results

The marketing campaign saw a total of around 56 people per day come into the store after seeing our video ads. This totalled up to 1,680 people coming into the store as a direct result of seeing our ads.

In raw figures, this translated into a cost of only 30 cents per person whom coming into the store as a result of the campaign.

The best part is that these results were not achieved through a high cost saturation strategy. Because our strategy was focused on the realistic, and geographically limited, target audience, utilising the right unique selling proposition, Wittner achieved this result through a 12% more effective CPM than industry standard. This is despite being a highly localised campaign that doesn’t benefit from large economies of scale.

Get The Right Campaign Strategy Today For Free

At 500 we know how to use social media platforms to help your business thrive. These platforms want their users to have a positive experience. This means that ads with positive responses get preference. We take advantage of this knowledge to grow your business at just a fraction of the cost. Delivering the right content to the right audience is the social media key to driving down your costs and increase your ROI.

Contact 500 today to work on a tailored social media campaign strategy. Stop dreaming and start achieving real results now.

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  • Boost your conversions without increasing your marketing spend

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