Creative Led Marketing Group (CLMG), a leading advertising agency in Australia, is pleased to announce the appointment of Toby Dames as their new General Manager. With over 20 years of extensive experience across various media channels, Toby brings a wealth of knowledge and proven track record of success to CLMG as the company enters its next phase of growth. 

Toby’s remarkable career has been marked by consistently increasing company revenues year on year, a testament to his expertise and strategic approach. Having collaborated with major players across diverse industries including McDonald’s, Cricket Australia, AFL, Harvey Norman and Bupa, Dames’ portfolio demonstrates his ability to foster growth and establish award-winning digital departments. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Toby to the CLMG team,” said Kristian Curcio, Chief Executive Officer of CLMG. “Toby has a proven track record in spearheading high-performance teams, building strong relationships and consistently delivering tangible results. Our business has been growing even faster than we anticipated and Toby’s expertise will help us continue that momentum at CLMG”. 

What drew Toby to CLMG was the company’s proprietary ad methodology and innovative end-to-end solution, which effectively addresses the challenges clients have grappled with for decades. CLMG’s vision of being Australia’s leading creative and strategic marketing force that inspires action, resonated with Toby. The company’s mission to partner with brands and drive success through a creative led marketing approach aligned with his own goals and was furthermore supported by CLMG’s customer promise of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. 

“It's a very exciting time to join the CLMG family. I am really looking forward to propelling our growth trajectory and empowering our clients to maximise the full potential of a creative-led marketing strategy.” says Toby Dames, General Manager of CLMG. 

CLMG is revolutionising the industry by solving the long-standing issue of working with multiple agencies without achieving desired results. Their unique value proposition is shaking up the marketing landscape, offering clients comprehensive and effective solutions. 

With Toby Dames at the helm as General Manager, CLMG is well-positioned to capitalise on their current success and forge ahead as a leading force in the Australian marketing industry. 

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