Creative Led Marketing Group (CLMG), marketing and advertising agency in Australia, has announced its exclusive partnership with Dragonfly Biosciences, European seed to shelf range of CBD oils and skincare products.

As an end-to-end marketing partner, CLMG will assist Dragonfly Biosciences in launching their ASX listing and establishing a strong presence in the Australian Market.

Based in the UK, Dragonfly Biosciences announced that its prospectus has been lodged and accepted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on June 27, 2023.

Dragonfly Biosciences Limited is set to be listed on the ASX from August 2023 and has selected CLMG as its principal advertising partner in Australia.

Dragonfly Biosciences intends to raise $5 million AUS dollars at $0.20 cents per share, with the financing being jointly led by Finexia Securities and RM Corporate Finance Pty Limited (

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global CBD market is estimated to be worth USD $3.6 billion growing to USD $55 billion by 2028.  

Dragonfly Biosciences chose CLMG as its marketing and advertising partner due to the unique advantage of having production, campaign management and media buying all under one roof.

This streamlined approach simplifies the process for Dragonfly Biosciences as an international company, ensuring a cohesive and efficient marketing strategy.

Currently, Dragonfly Biosciences and CLMG are collaborating on a creative-led multichannel marketing strategy tailored to support its successful entry into the Australian market.

By leveraging CLMG’s comprehensive suite of marketing services, Dragonfly Biosciences aims to captivate stakeholders and resonate with the Australian audience.

Misha Vaxman, CRO and co-founder of CLMG, said the agency is thrilled to partner with Dragonfly Biosciences for its exciting launch into the Australian market, trading on the ASX.

“With our dedicated team of marketing professionals and being able to provide strategy, production, performance and media buying resources under a single roof, we are confident in our ability and committed to driving the Dragonfly’s success beyond its initial launch in Australia, cementing a continued presence," said Vaxman.

Dragonfly Biosciences chief executive, Regan Saveall, said he's excited to announce the company’s entry into Australia.

"With the help of the CLMG team, we are confident that our robust marketing strategy will be well received by all our stakeholders as well as the Australian people," said Saveall.

The partnership between CLMG and Dragonfly Biosciences, which will go beyond just the initial launch, marks an important milestone in both companies’ growth strategies.

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