How to increase leads by 900% - Our Philosophy

When you want to go the distance you need a well-oiled machine. If you want real results, like a 900% increase in leads, you need something that kicks it up a notch. This is where 500 Connect makes its mark. By showcasing you the right way, we upgrade you from merely being in the race, to becoming part of the winning team.  

As a business owner myself, I know that a great product is only the beginning. It’s not just about getting your business out there, it’s getting it to the right people. This means generating real leads that genuinely get that traffic in the door. An entertaining video alone doesn’t do this. That’s why 500 focuses on tangible results. Since I understand how important real results are, I have worked hard to instill that focus in every single member of our team. Results are our life.

With a dynamic digital world, from Television, to Facebook, YouTube, Google, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, and an endless parade of alternative rotating social media, the world is a veritable racetrack. It’s easy to get lost amongst the constantly changing algorithms, technological adaptations, new platforms to push out content, and rapidly evolving consumer behaviours. That’s why 500 Connect paves the way for you.

We don’t just enjoy chatting about the latest trends over a hot cup of coffee, we thrive on the rapid pace and take action. More importantly, we work to genuinely understand you to ensure we hit the right target. No matter what medium consumers are invested in, we keep you ahead of the curve.

What makes us so confident? We’ve already delivered the results over the past decade. Many of our original clients have exponentially grown with 500. Tangible measurements show that our media generates as much as a 900% increase in leads and 39% increase in foot traffic. That’s a real boost! Ensure your success by joining a team that focuses on the long haul and has superior marketing ROI.

What are you waiting for? The chequered flag is ready for you.

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