As you might've heard, Apple has officially announced that the iOS 14 update will be releasing this week which will affect how we run Facebook campaigns.


So what does this mean?

Apple is requiring that all apps show a opt-in to its users on iPhone devices essentially asking for permission for the app to track them.

Ok, then what's next?

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, 500 is working closely with our Facebook Partner Manager to make sure your campaigns have the right updates and continue to produce the best results for your business. 


Is marketing on Facebook still worth my time?

The iOS 14 update is going to change a lot on how we track the performance of Facebook ads. We aim to adopt different ways of collecting feedback and focusing on the makings of a strong campaign including improving creative, messaging, and the overall marketing funnel.

Our team will touch base with you regarding your active campaigns but if there any questions you might have, book a meeting with us today.

You've probably heard the phrase "iOS changes" being bandied about. 


What the heck does that mean and what can you do about it?


What the iOS changes mean for businesses:

  • Apple changed their privacy settings in June 2021 limiting the information shared from Apple devices to advertisers.
  • App Tracking Transparency gives consumers more control over how Apps track their behaviour.
  • BUT with 55% of mobile users in Australia on an iOS device, at least 8 million users in Australia are missing out on your ads.

People may be clicking and converting... but you can't track these purchases properly in your Ad Account 🤯

How To Still Succeed At Social (regardless of iOS changes):

  • Gather data from alternative sources, including Google Analytics and web platforms to paint a clearer picture of your ad results, right down to a creative level.
  • Focus on audiences rather than platforms, to improve online sessions, traffic and clicks.
  • Work with Apple Ads to reach audiences that are now otherwise inaccessible
  • Streamline your analysis using 500's customisable dashboards.

We collate data from a range of platforms to fill the gaps that the iOS changes have created. Working with our clients - especially our e-commerce brands - we use a combination of Google Analytics sources and Shopify to determine attribution.


Hit us up with your deets, and we’ll give you 30 mins of free marketing gold.

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