A well-chosen ambassador can catapult your marketing strategy to the next level, attracting new customers whilst building trust and credibility with a familiar face they know and trust. 

CLMG specialises in crafting powerful marketing strategies to incorporate brand ambassadors, from local experts to international celebrities.

Creating compelling video content featuring professionals who endorse your products with genuine conviction can be a gamechanger to convert customers when they’re in the decision-making process.

CLMG has a proven track record of producing standout content for high-profile celebrities and household names, including Aussie cricketing legends like Allan Border, Merv Hughes and Shane Warne, plus AFL names like James Hird, Warwick Capper and Dermott Brereton, as well as renowned TV personalities like Shaynna Blaze, Eddie MacGuire, Tom Williams and Paul Mercurio. 

CLMG brings decades of expertise to a wide range of video production services across industries like retail, FCMG, fashion, beauty, automotive, renewable energy, and professional services. 

Planning a creative campaign featuring a brand ambassador? From concept to final cut, CLMG ensures a seamless, impactful production. Let’s bring your vision to life. 

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