There’s nothing we love more than a giant success story.

One of our clients, Bae Juice, recently went on the Funny Business podcast and explained how they’ve grown to be stocked in 2,000 stores across Australia, including Dan Murphys and Woolworths.

In the podcast, they talk about:

  • Selling a portion of Bae Juice
  • Launching new products
  • Preparing for a seed raise
  • Building a naughty brand
  • Working with 6 agencies at once

That’s right. Before 500 Digital Media and our newly merged media agency, Handle Media, the hangover-prevention business known for its 100% Korean Pear Juice, had SIX agencies.

How did they come to choose 500 and Handle? 

You’ll just have to listen to the pod. (Skip straight to 33 minutes in for the good bits). 

Listen now.

Don’t have time to listen? Here’s a quick recap:

“Finally, sit in an office, Fiji water in front of me, candle lit, whiteboard in the background, head of production, head of f****** digital, CEO and the social media dude. Yes, this is the s***… Whiteboard is just splashed, you can’t even read it anymore. This is why you create a cheeky brand, a colourful brand… This is my why. This is what I live for. 

Got goosebumps. I go, ‘I’ve always wanted to do this’ and they go ‘F*** yeah, that’s a sick idea’. You go, ‘Oh really I didn’t think it was’. They go: ‘We’ll do this, we’ll get this guy onto it.’

Bang. Next week we’ve got all these drafts, these cool dump-bins and BVOD for Love Island. That’s the bees knees.”

From Tim O’Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of Bae Juice.


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