'That important first goal of marketing: attention.' An insight into the making of the Ultra Tune ads

The producers behind those Ultra Tune ads speak up

The producers at 500 Digital Media had a hunch the Ultra Tune commercials may cause a stir.

And the guys at 500 Digital Media are first to admit while the most talked about commercials of 2016 and new one for 2017 are not everyone’s cup of tea, they do tick that important first goal of marketing: attention.

“In our considerable experience a majority of advertisers tend to 'play it safe' with predictable, conservative messaging that may get their brand out there but does little to differentiate them in a glutted marketplace. Ultra Tune CEO Sean Buckley came to us with ad ideas that are high-concept, entertaining, set out to deliberately disrupt - and we’ve worked actively with the client to achieve those goals” says Shannon Young, a Producer/Director at 500 Digital Media.

While the ad campaign has received its share of complaints and discussion, as Young explains, even when people are complaining and disagreeing they are still being engaged by it.

“Whether you've been vocal about the ads, or taken them as they're intended, you've been engaged by it. The whole industry could take learnings from this”, says the 500 production team.

To put it simply, it catches enough attention to be talked about long after the ad has finished.  It is a conversation starter - bring it up to your friends in conversation, ‘Have you seen that Ultra Tune ads?’ and watch the engagement.

500 Digital Media is a Production House whose aim is to ensure its client’s brand is noticed and talked about both in the media and in people’s homes. What makes 500 Digital Media different is the creative process and workplace culture.

Young explains that the creative process at 500 Digital Media utilises everyone in the team to bring a project to life, focusing on the client’s outcomes.

Managing Director Kristian Curcio believes 500 Digital Media, “is very much about the fusion of creative and commercial, and we have thinkers highly attuned to both aspects with a strong understanding of call to action and direct response marketing. We bring to the table experienced, end-to-end creatives to brainstorm each project.”

Other production houses tend to constantly be changing casuals and freelancers in and out; at 500 Digital Media the core team remains consistent across all campaigns and clients.

“Because our core team is always there, we have professional and creative relationships that extend many years based on the same creative heads being there to build and develop brands”, said Curcio.

500 Digital Media is not just a production company. The team focuses not only on what clients are looking to achieve, but also explore the whole business model and the points of difference to find the most creative, cost-effective way to meet and expand client’s goals across traditional and new media platforms.

“The advice we give you may not always be what you want to hear, but will be directed towards a result”, said Young.

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