Consumer Confidence may have dropped in early February (according to ANZ-Roy Morgan) and Edelman may be reporting wide distrust towards institutions but – There is good news.

There are THREE key activities you can undertake. These boost your brand credibility and ultimately increase conversions.


Social proof can take the form of written reviews, video testimonials, photos of people using your product or service. Social proof, simply put, is evidence that others like and trust your product.

Seeing this causes your potential customers to think “maybe I should like and trust this brand too, since so many other people do”. It utilises the power of normative social influence, if you want to get all psychological about it.

A section of the Zetaris homepage and a social media static ad


Customers need to know they can trust you before they hand over their money.

Almost anyone can open an e-commerce store. But when they see your brand on a bus stop, hear you on radio and also see you on Instagram and TikTok, they begin to feel you are legitimate and therefore can be trusted to do what you say you’re going to do.

While many marketing activities look to drive a direct sale, a strategic omnichannel approach includes brand-building exercises for a long-term play. This may include billboards, TVCs, brand ads and event marketing.

If that wasn't reason enough...

A 2019 study of the average ROIs of 140 Australian clients across the last 15 years and $9B in advertising spend showed, "Multimedia campaigns have a higher ROI than single media campaigns". 

Multimedia campaigns have a higher ROI than single media campaigns

Multimedia campaigns have a higher ROI than single media campaigns


Prove the legitimacy of your claims by using statistics, facts and case studies to establish credibility. Reference experts or better yet, have them publicly endorse you. Highlighting your service guarantees and industry awards can further eliminate risk for your customer, making them more likely to shop with you.  


At 500, we’re not interested in short-term profits. 

Our tactics ensure long-term business success, combining platforms such as social media advertising and SEM, with Out of Home advertising, TVCs and radio.

To discover what stage your business is at and what tactics 500 Digital Media would recommend you undertake…


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