Video Joins Facebook Dynamic Ads

Published by 500 Editing Team on Sep 21, 2017 2:42:16 PM

Marketing automation might just be the best embodiment of the "work smarter not harder" mantra. Using automation tools, you can invest less time and energy and in turn receive greater engagement and results for your business. So why are so few businesses embracing it?

As with all things in the fast moving tech world, people simply need time to catch up and learn about the tools available to them. That's why we're here to explain what the latest upgrades to Facebook Dynamic Ads means for your business and how you can use it to get ahead.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads

What are Dynamic Adverts?

Facebook Dynamic Ads can be used to save you time whilst leveraging customer data to deliver relevant messages to your audiences. It works by tracking web activity and automatically promoting relevant products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the internet.
To use it you’ll need to have an online product catalogue uploaded into Facebook as well as a properly integrated Facebook pixel.

In addition to reaching new shoppers with highly tailored ads, Facebook’s Dynamic ads are also a powerful tool for remarketing. Dynamic Ads lets you serve special offers and promotions on the products you already know your customers are interested in.

The system even works with checkout integration meaning that if a customer has already bought a certain product, you can elect to save your marketing dollars by not serving them ads for that same product anymore and instead opt to promote complimentary products.

Facebook Dynamic Ads were already a hugely underutilised but game-changing tool when it comes to streamlining marketing processes and achieving more accurate targeting. And now, as of this month, brands can embed video content with far more engaging creative in their dynamic ads.

Video content has long been known to have far superior engagement results than other content forms for both organic and paid messages.

Marketers will be able to upload their content library into their catalogues and serve up videos with overlays that could include price and other offers.

Video consistently achieves higher engagement on Facebook

Not only does video generate superior engagement levels and is given preferential treatment in Facebook’s hidden advertising algorithms, but video can also be a useful tool for showcasing more abstract products that can be hard to convey with a simple static image.

What's more engaging?

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Or this?

Or this?

If you’d like to find out more about Facebook Dynamic Video Adverts or would like some help setting them up and creating video content for your products email us at call us at 03 9429 6000 or view our website at

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