Why Instagram "Likes" are a Wolf in Sheep's clothing

  • Successful campaigns are measured in bottom line, tangible results.
  • Become results-oriented, rather than  like-oriented.
  • Engaging, purpose build creative content is the foundation of a successful campaign.

The ‘wolf’ has finally been taken down on Instagram - the “likes” that produce a positive emotional boost… and trick you into thinking a campaign is working. However, “likes” don’t equal success. Successful campaigns are measured in bottom line, tangible results. Purpose built content and strategy, means more genuine leads and a higher conversion rate for your business.

Why has Instagram made this change? It’s simple: Tangible results. Instagram doesn’t make money from influencers, it makes money by ensuring that you make money using their platform. Instagram’s focus on tangible success is a boom for your business!

When “likes” aren’t the primary drive, producing results-driven, creative, engaging content becomes more important. It also enables you to focus on building your own brand, instead of an influencer’s. The right content creation is the key to thriving on Instagram. While this has always been the case, by shifting your focus from generating “likes” to generating results, measuring cost-per-lead and cost-per-click, you’ll be measuring and assessing what actually works.

So take this opportunity to shift your focus! Instead of boosting an influencer’s brand, or engaging in controversial or potentially risky content, focus on content that really achieves those measurable results. Become results-oriented, rather than  like-oriented , and utilise the Instagram tools that create more meaningful engagement.

Ultimately, by removing “likes” Instagram is taking away the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. While “likes” feel good, they are far from an accurate gauge of ROI. You now have the opportunity to embrace a solid video marketing and content creation strategy that can be measured by genuine, tangible results.

For more details on what makes a truly effective video marketing ad work on Instagram, speak to 500 today. We’ll show you the difference that a strong video marketing ad makes, and how to get those tangible, measurable results immediately.

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